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C3Nami is a digital media marketing firm that works with local small to medium sized business owners on a one-on-one level.  We work with our clients on a personal level, offering clarity to their social media and marketing strategy, creativity in the uniqueness of the campaigns, and collaboration with our clients to create content that lives and breathes their brands. C3Nami’s 3 Cs—clarity, creativity, and collaboration—cause a tsunami of influence, utilizing social media and marketing to expand and reach the masses. Read more...

Our Mission

The Way We Work



We design unique branding strategy that evaluates how well your overall online presence aligns with  what you are doing offline.



We showcase the heart and soul of your company by designing unique campaigns and creating original text, photo, and video content that fits your brand perfectly.



We work hand-in-hand with you to create and promote the unique content that will best represent your company to to your audience.

Why Do We Educate?


Here at C3Nami, the running joke with our clients is our job is to teach you to be autonomous, whether you have time to is a different story. We believe that if we teach our clients the basic theories of how social media operates, then we have a foundation to go off on to create more advanced campaigns. Our goal with teaching our clients is to build a common language of social media between us so we can guide our clients to make more educated decisions.

Many clients come to work with us because they are overwhelmed, lost, frustrated and overall highly intimidated by social media. What we do is offer not just the muscle to implement a strategy but answers in how to navigate the social media realm. Social media tactics and tools are always changing but the overall goal of social media is to continue to build your relationship with your client beyond the initial physical interaction. By building the relationship with your existing clients, you build a raving fan that in turns spread the word for you creating referrals which is the best type of potential client that you could have.

Our job is to help you learn the basics on how to create effective campaigns to continue building that relationship with your audience, regardless of how the tools evolve. Whether you have time to implement is a whole other story.

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Our skills

What we are good at:


Ways to Work With Us

For the one who wants us to do it all

The Full Capacity Bundle

We always joke here at C3Nami that our job to teach clients how to be autonomous, but having the time to do that is a whole other story. We understand that you may not have time during the day to do the social media and you may not want to be connected to your phone at all times. With the Total Social Media Management Bundle,  you can focus on running your business, and we’ll run the campaigns, create the content, manage the interactions, analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns, and update you on a regular basis. Services includes: Strategy & Analysis of your overall branding presence. Social Media Management of your social accounts. Video & Graphic...

For the one who wants to learn

The Educational Bundle

We focus on educating our clients to where they are running their campaigns on their own. The most effective social media marketing campaigns have content from the original voice because it’s a direct conversation with the owner and heart of the company. We educate our clients through one-on-one tutorial sessions so that they know how to navigate their online realm, offering step-by-step guidance which empowers clients to eventually run their own social media campaigns, from creating and posting content to reading and evaluating the analytics in order to understand how efficient a campaign was. Services includes: Strategy & Analysis of your overall branding presence. Guide you in Social Media Management through our educational program including setting...


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